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Initially, in the U.S., Brazil and throughout Latin America, CSI was known for its fleet and corporate management products. These products have varied over the years per client, but one shared objective that has not, is the necessity to control vehicle lifecycle efficiencies and streamline domestic and international corporate payment methods. CSI’s project performance categories are well defined, but the process to achieve global fleet fuel cost effectiveness in assorted departments or varied geographic regions was/is a talent. This honed talent is what separates CSI’s products and people from any other.

The company in the mid-1990’s had particular fleet management product concentration in the following regions: United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and assorted areas of Asia. CSI utilized a network of European fleet solutions providers in nine separate countries within Europe to support this region. The company’s global knowledge is comprehensive and its services are highly regarded. CSI’s various vehicle asset management and corporate payment solutions have been executed around the world.

The accomplishments of CSI Enterprises’ international business have not gone without notable achievements. In 1997, the world’s “Most Admired Company” General Electric purchased 100% of CSI’s Brazil/Latin American operations and appointed CSI Enterprises’ founder, a former GE Capital Fleet Services Area Vice President, Mr. Keith J. Stone as its Brazil/Latin American President. CSI’s U.S. Company’s operations were not acquired.

Today, the company and its management team are recognized leaders in commercial fleet fuel solutions and corporate payment innovations.

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