Enter your data in the boxes below:

1. Average price per gallon of fuel: 5. Monthly accounting costs per driver
2. Number of vehicles you operate: (Based on Runzheimer International Survey: $3.50)
3. Unauthorized fuel purchases: 6. Opportunity to use data mining:
(We have estimated between 2-5% on average) 7. Potential maintenance savings:
4. Average gallons per fill up: (10% at Penske & TexacoExpress Lube)

Fuel Management Calculator Report

General Calculations:

1. Estimated Annual Fuel Cost:
2. Estimated Unauthorized Fuel Purchases:
3. Estimated Savings due to Data Mining:
4. Annual (Accounting) Cost to Reimburse Drivers for Fuel Receipts:
5. Potential Maintenance Savings:
6. Total Yearly Estimated Fueling Expense:

Savings Calculations:

1. Estimated Annual Fleet Savings:
2. Net Cost of Global-Fleet Card:
3. Estimated Total Net Savings:
4. Estimated Percentage Saved Annually: %

The Fuel Savings Calculator is designed using industry averages to determine estimated potential savings for your fleet.

(Note: The calculator assumes that there is not a managed fuel program currently in place)

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