Comprehensive Fuel Management provides a total solution for companies managing multiple fueling needs. We have the ability to provide detailed reporting and a single corporate payment system to procure bulk fuel, along with the integration of private on-site transactions, all on a single card platform.

Assorted Vehicle Fleets

Recognizing that many fleets are made up of a wide variety of vehicle types, Edenred Voyager Fleet has incorporated programs that can be customized to your fleet’s needs. From retail to fuel card locks, truck stops and private site acceptance, Voyager Fleet can offer our customers a one card solution with programs to meet any need.

Bulk Fuel Management

Improve the efficiency in bulk fuel procurement and alleviate multiple billing, reporting and risk associated with this complex process. Edenred Voyager Fleet has the ability to setup your existing bulk fuel vendors or offer our existing network of bulk fuel vendors, to provide a one card fuel procurement and management system. Together, we can address every aspect of your fleet fueling needs – reducing expenses, creating back office administrative streamlining and implementing customized plans that will simplify the procurement process for you and all of your locations.

On-Site Fuel Management and Implementation

Edenred Voyager Fleet can help provide creative solutions to manage the distribution of fuel from your private site tanks with full reporting and integration of our card platform. On-site fuel management offers the ability to fully manage your onsite fuel consumption, calculate miles per gallon, enhance security and capture odometer on both private site and retail transactions with the Edenred Voyager Fleet. We offer the ability to integrate all vehicle transaction data so you always have an accurate picture of fleet expenses and fueling needs.

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